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William Oldfield, LCSW-R 
ADHD/Business/Organizational Coaching, Evaluations & Treatment, Individual Counseling
3620 Harlem Road, Suite #7
Cheektowaga, NY 14215 
 P: (716) 838-2811
F: (716) 381-8910

About William Oldfield, LCSW-R
     William R. Oldfield, LCSWR, has been in Private Practice for over 33 years and developed the ADHD and Cognitive Disability Center of WNY to meet the community/educational needs of Adults and children with ADHD and learning disabilities.  He is licensed in NYS. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University he has dedicated his life to helping others who struggled with ADHD, Cognitive Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, and the impact it has on people's lives.

His specialties include:

1. ADHD clinical evaluations
2. Cognitive Functional Assessments
3. Assessments of learning disabilities
4. Assessments of Asperger's Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorders
5. Executive Functioning Assessments
6. Assessment and referrals for Central Auditory Processing Disorder
7. Recommendations and Referrals to PCP and other Providers for Medication 
8. Assessment of multi-sensory issues
9. Coordination and recommendations to Schools for IEP/504 plans
10. Individual and Family CBT regarding Anxiety or Depression
11. ADHD Coaching

Bill has previous experience working in the justice system, schools and education, and has advanced training at the University of Rochester Department of Psychiatry.

Bill was a adjunct professor at Niagara University where he taught Psychology courses.

Bill has led local ADHD Support Groups over the years

Bill has trained with Russel Barkley,Ph.D a Harvard Professor and pioneer in ADHD

Bill has trained with Dr. Melvin Levine, a professor at Duke University in Learning and Cognitive Disabilities

He was Program Director of a Runaway-Homeless program in Niagara County

Bill was the Director of Behavioral Health at Northwest Community Healthcare Center.

Bill has vast experience in treating depression, anxiety, OCD,  PTSD, work-related stress, school and educational issues, and sports psychology.  

Bill provides speaking engagements, ADHD education, workshops, and seminars anywhere in the United States and around the world. 

At the annual CHADD conference in San Francisco, CA with Russell Barkley.
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